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Large screen outdoor advertising machine should be how to maintain

Release Time:2018-05-30 18:06:01
Outdoor advertising machines are the outdoor advertising media that advertisers and contractors like to use. Outdoor advertising machines are placed outdoors, so it is difficult to maintain them compared to indoor LCD advertising machines. How to maintain large screen outdoor advertising? machine?

Inspection and maintenance of outdoor advertising machine black screen: whether the air conditioner of the outdoor advertising machine is in working condition, whether the internal temperature is too high, if the air conditioning can not be cooled, it is necessary to replace the air conditioner or add snow.

Outdoor LCD advertising screen display: Check whether the outdoor advertising device is plugged in, and whether the internal power indicator is on.

Outdoor LCD advertising player remote control can not operate Check: Outdoor highlighting advertising machine remote control is installed into the battery, the remote control is aligned with the remote sensor, remote sensor connection to the driver board is loose, if none of the above The problem may be damage to the remote sensor or damage to the driver board.

There is a signal display on the display screen of the outdoor advertising machine, but the screen is not full: Use the remote control to press “MENU”-“SETING”-”ADJUST” to perform automatic image adjustment.

The outdoor advertising player displays images but no sound: Check whether the video signal line of the outdoor advertising machine is connected, whether there is image display in the remote control operation, and whether the source selection is correct. If there is no problem in the above, this may be damage to the driver board. Advertising machine manufacturer Yida Heng reminds the user that the outdoor advertising machine has sound and no image, check whether the video signal line of the outdoor highlighter is connected, whether the remote control operation will display the image, and whether the source selection is correct is an essential step. Oh.
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