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Smart Community Outdoor Advertising Machine Solution

Release Time:2018-05-30 18:05:12
The smart community carries the core values of smart cities. It fully utilizes the Internet and the Internet of Things to cover intelligent buildings, smart homes, road network monitoring, personal health, and digital life. It gives full play to the development of information and communications (ICT) industries and telecommunications. With the advantages of excellent business and information infrastructure, through the construction of ICT infrastructure, certification, security, and other platforms and demonstration projects, we will accelerate the key technology research in the industry, build a smart environment for urban (community) development, and form a mass-based information and intelligent filtering process. New modes of life, industrial development, and social management are all oriented toward the future to build new urban (community) forms. How to use outdoor advertising machines to create smart community solutions?

LCD advertising machine features:

The LCD advertising player plays lively and lively video content to increase the interest of promotional content. Zhongchuang Joint Outdoor Advertising Machine also increases the touch function, interacts with the community, attracts the public, and forms effective communication. Through the intelligent network system, it is not Users can realize simultaneous playback of multiple devices across the country, environmental monitoring systems, real-time control of equipment operation status, and early warning equipment failures. The outdoor LCD advertising device factory has undergone rigorous testing. It can monitor the running status of the device in real time in the background, early warning device operation failure, quickly and accurately determine the cause and solve the device failure. Not only that, the outdoor LCD advertising machine uses a systematic styling element and a family-oriented facility style to create a visual identity system that highlights the individuality of the community.

Outdoor advertising smart community program:

The smart community outdoor electronic reading bar utilizes digital outdoor LCD displays to display colorful contents such as pictures, animations, videos, etc., embodying the advancement community bulletin, spiritual civilization propaganda, common sense of life, news, weather information, and community bulletin boards. Disease prevention knowledge and other information that is close to people's lives and close to the masses are issued in a timely manner and is also accepted by the community. Outdoor bright advertising machine can help residents pay utilities, social security card information, simple and convenient. Content is presented in streaming media, and touch screens are used to interact with the public. It is the data provided by the software background monitoring system that maximizes the effectiveness of advertising. It effectively analyzes customer groups and conducts targeted advertisements. Community electronic station card installation and maintenance are simple. Convenient and long-distance information release can effectively reduce labor costs Digital outdoor electronic display screens can be used to display rich and colorful contents such as pictures, animations, videos, etc., reflecting the advanced nature of community propaganda.

The solution of the outdoor advertising machine of the intelligence community of the Edahim has been widely used in major cities and communities in the country, the entrance and exit of the community, and the layout of the leisure plaza to carry out advertisements. Terminal interception of target customers has effectively improved the image and increased sales, and the effect has been remarkable. The construction of "wisdom community" is introducing the concept of "smart city" into the community, taking the happiness of the community as a starting point, and building a smart community to provide convenience for the community, thereby accelerating the construction of a harmonious community and promoting regional social progress.
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