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Outdoor LCD advertising solution for transportation industry as an example

Release Time:2018-05-30 18:04:15
With the advancement of social informatization and the development of digital resources, traditional information acquisition methods are constantly changing. Traditional media such as television, newspapers, and magazines are gradually declining; the new media era is rapidly rising! Representatives of new media media tools - The outdoor LCD advertising machine ushered in the spring of the application market. Its novel way of dissemination and wide dissemination range provide users with richer content and a more convenient experience!

In our daily life, bus stations, subway stations, railway stations, airports, etc. are all public places with relatively high traffic, and the appearance of outdoor advertising machines is often seen; and the continuous expansion of the application market accompanies the industry users. The increasingly diversified needs, although essentially the dissemination of information, outdoor advertising machine in line with energy saving and environmental protection, expand the broadcast channels of advertising and constantly improve its own function and solution of the unity!

For example, according to the layout of the LCD advertising machine solutions built by users for different users, according to the layout in different transportation hubs, deploy different types of outdoor LCD advertising machine, the following Xiaobian to introduce to you the application of traffic solutions Yangtian is How to solve:

1. Scene: Subway

2, scene description

With the changes of the times, subway has become our daily preferred means of transportation, but how can we better manage the standardization of travelers in a place where the subway is such a large amount of personal traffic, and what outstanding information can be better for each station? At a glance, how can the outdoor advertising machine play its role in the subway?

3, program design

(1) Maps and route inquiries

Today's traffic jams are becoming more and more frequent. People with more people are more likely to choose to take the subway. However, subway lines are generally longer and have more stations. This has caused great problems for people's daily lives. Our outdoor advertising machines In order to solve the user's complicated circuit and numerous problems on the site, we have done a brand-new upgrade of the intelligent service system on our outdoor advertising machine products. The one-click search function is more accurate and prompt for the search of maps and routes!

(2) Video one-click access

Our Yangtian Electronics' new 180-degree camera head outdoor advertising machine design can capture the frontal panorama of the platform. Although backstage personnel can understand all the conditions at the time, such as an emergency road shape, at a glance, some emergencies can be achieved through 180 photography. The head directly understands and records it in time, which is conducive to judgment!

(3) Audio is open

In places where subway traffic is relatively large, there are often unexpected situations. Our audio one-click opening function enables back-office personnel to broadcast through high-frequency audio to evacuate people in time and transmit information in the event of an emergency. !

(4) Import of electronic news

Nowadays, many outdoor stations in subway stations will add an e-newsletter in time so that it can be convenient to wait for a long waiting time without wasting, to learn more about information, and life information. Let us be busy and at the same time, Can enjoy some pleasant!

(5) Each site is introduced

With the development of the times, more and more people are unclear about the traditional culture or history of some places. At this time, the site introduction function of outdoor advertising machines will play a role. When we ride, we unwittingly come Picking up a business card from a city has enriched our lives.

4, system composition

Core server: The server monitors and controls the entire system and is responsible for the storage and management of core data. The server stores a large amount of materials that managers have accumulated over a long period of time. Managers can use the management platform to manage and reorganize these materials at any time; the server accepts management. The information-issuing task assigned by the personnel, the propagating information is transmitted to the corresponding terminal according to the task, and the information display of the terminal is controlled according to the conditions and methods set by the manager;

Management workstations: including program design, broadcast schedules and data distribution, users and rights management; managers through the management platform, according to the need to design programs or program listings and upload the produced material to the core server; through the management platform can be various Combine promotional materials to form a list of information release tasks and specify which terminal groups to publish; administrators can monitor the entire system at any time through the management platform;

5, other applications

1. Advertising Operations: Through the information release system, it will cooperate with merchants to publish information, publish information of merchants, and publish preferential activities for shopping and tourist attractions, achieving a win-win situation for studios and businesses.

2, support for live broadcast: In the information released in the video area can be broadcast through the IPTV encoding device broadcast information.

3, special subtitles: You can use the information release system to display greetings and thank you words.

Outdoor advertising machines play a more and more important role in people's lives. People have become inseparable from intelligent systems because outdoor advertising machines bring us too much benefit and convenience. It is reflected in time and effort, and rapid information dissemination. , query information quickly. With such a good product, why should we not use it?
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