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What are the outdoor customization requirements for advertising machines?

Release Time:2018-05-30 18:03:21
The outdoor LCD advertising machine can display the information it needs to display outdoors irrespective of the weather, and brings good visual and auditory enjoyment to outdoor information transmission. Can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information, outdoor media, interactive touch inquiry and other fields.

    Therefore, pay attention to the following points when customizing your advertising machine:

   First of all, to attract the eye, there must be a novel and elegant appearance. Therefore, the use of anti-scratch, anti-corrosive all-metal structure materials and elegant metal texture appearance of the casing can meet your various appearance customization requirements. At the same time, in the tempered glass with high perspective, low reflection, zero UV, anti-glare, can block more than 50% of solar radiation, riot in line with the international safety glass standard outdoor anti-glare A pressed glass design, in direct sunlight, let the LCD screen Not blackened.


    Second, multimedia HD display. As we all know, the requirements of outdoor equipment have a certain degree of particularity. First of all, it is necessary to solve the screen display content needs to be visible under strong outdoor light. It is necessary to increase the screen brightness to meet this demand. However, in China, the production of high-brightness screens is only one of the few enterprises supporting. Hold this technology. The CCTV advertising machine adopts LED liquid crystal display and adopts an outdoor high-definition screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. It can display a standard 16:9 screen, providing 2000-2500cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. The unique LCD color reproduction technology and professional wide viewing angle LCD panel make the advertising image information displayed by the advertising machine more prominent, providing considerable convenience for information release. Greatly enhanced advertising effectiveness.

    Third, the environmental test has good durability. Outdoors, it is time to face the challenges of the four seasons, the summer heat, the winter cold, which put forward requirements for the temperature solution of the LCD advertising machine. Our company adopts advanced intelligent cooling and heating integrated air-conditioning temperature control, through the wind circulation cooling system, effective and stable internal temperature and humidity, so that the product's durability, service life greatly enhance the outdoor advertising machine. At the same time, outdoor advertising machines are also faced with waterproof, dust-proof, air duct, anti-typhoon, shockproof and anti-corrosion, which all need to be reflected in the product structure design. The outdoor advertising machine adopts the all-metal structure, and through the application of professional waterproof materials, it is resistant to high and low temperature, anti-aging, and realizes the moisture-proof function, effectively prolongs the service life of the advertising machine, and satisfies the need for continuous work of 7×24 hours.

    Finally, energy conservation and environmental protection, wireless humane control. Excellent display quality and efficient information dissemination are essential. The user can set the time of automatic switch on and off, reduce the expenditure of electricity and labor costs, thereby further reducing the user's cost of use. The CVJ has a variety of designs for stand-alone and online versions. At the same time, it can upload and create programs through the Ethernet background. Meet your wireless user control.
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