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Scenic outdoor advertising machine what role?

Release Time:2018-05-30 18:01:25
With the continuous application of the outdoor advertising machine industry, the pace of the construction of smart cities and humanities cities has accelerated, and the forms of information dissemination have become increasingly diversified. The development of outdoor LCD advertising machines has become even more rapid and has become a new darling of outdoor media today.

Scenic outdoor advertising machine has the following promotion advantages:

Convenient scenic information release. Scenic spots can publish important messages at any time via the Internet, such as micro-video spots, navigation maps, scenic notices, etc. It is also important that advertisers can be invited to settle in and receive advertising fees.

The forms of propaganda can be varied. While playing advertisements, it can be accompanied by some useful information, such as weather forecasts and life tips.

Tourists are invited to let the scenic area provide free smart “guides” to tourists. Visitors only need to gently click to find out where they are, or click to see the attractions of the scenic spot and the route to the destination.
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