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How to reduce the radiation caused by LCD advertising machine?

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:59:59
LCD advertising machine is a new generation of smart devices that use standard LCD monitors and LCD TVs to realize information display and video advertisement playback through networking and multimedia system control. LCD advertising machine is like the electronic products we use, it will produce a certain amount of radiation, although the radiation of LCD advertising machine is very small, but we have to prevent, then how to reduce the radiation of LCD advertising machine?

Outdoor LCD advertising machine

First of all, when watching the LCD advertising player, you need to stay away from the screen, and you can't watch the LCD screen for a long time. When you use the LCD advertising player, because the dust is the main carrier of radiation, keep the LCD screen and the body clean.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine

In addition, you can put some green plants next to the LCD advertising player, such as cactus, hanging baskets, etc., so that it can not only absorb radiation, but also achieve the effect of purifying the air. Smart street light

LCD advertising machine

The last thing to notice is that you don't want to put too many electrical appliances around the LCD advertising player to avoid magnetic interference and cause more radiation.

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