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How to deal with outdoor advertising black screen?

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:59:18
Outdoor advertising machines are the most popular among outdoor display devices today. Outdoor advertising machines are not easily affected by the environment because of their strong protective performance. Even if the storm and thunderstorms do not affect its operation. However, in the middle of the use of outdoor advertising machines are also prone to minor problems, some customers have consulted the outdoor advertising machine manufacturers Italy reached a similar problem: why the outdoor advertising player black screen? Then, Italiana said that the outdoor LCD advertising player has a black screen.

First of all, after purchasing an outdoor lcd player, there are still many things that need attention. The outdoor highlighter is just an electronic product, so careful maintenance is necessary.

When the user finds out that the outdoor advertising machine has a black screen, first check whether the outdoor LCD advertising device is powered on and whether the internal power indicator is on. If the indicator light is still on the black screen, please check whether the video signal cable of the outdoor highlighter is connected properly, whether there is an image display in the remote control operation, whether the source selection is correct, if there is no problem after the above points are checked, it is very likely. The driver board is damaged. If the driver board is damaged, please contact the outdoor advertising machine manufacturer Intime for the after-sales processing.

Another situation is: if the outdoor advertising player runs for a period of time after a blank screen, please check whether the air conditioning of the outdoor lcd advertising machine is in working condition, whether it is due to the high temperature of the outdoor LCD advertising player, which leads to the outdoor advertising machine. If you do not work normally, if you check the air conditioning is not cold, you need to contact the outdoor advertising machine manufacturer Intenton to replace the air conditioning.
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