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What is the difference between outdoor LCD advertising machine and led advertisi

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:57:12
Speaking of outdoor advertising machines, the first thing we thought of was the LED display. Yes, the outdoor advertising market has always been dominated by LED displays. LED display screens are mainly installed in areas where shopping malls and other people concentrate their traffic have features such as high brightness, easy installation, advantages of lots, and are not limited by size. These features are not available in other display devices. As the saying goes, people are not perfect, let alone display equipment. Although LED display has the advantage that other display devices can't do, but its shortcoming is also indisputable. For example, because its brightness is too high, it brings many troubles to people's city life; for example, LED displays have certain requirements for viewing distance. If you look closely at a distance, you may feel dazzling, and it is difficult to achieve close viewing results. People are satisfied and so on, which also makes many outdoor users haunted.

    Outdoor LCD advertising machine is relative to indoor advertising machine, I believe that outdoor LCD advertising machine is indoor advertising and LED display in the use of fields and shortcomings, outdoor LED display refers to the outdoor advertising This kind of liquid crystal display screen mainly includes LED display screens, LED electronic display screens, LED full-color screens, and LED screens. The common point of the two is that they are all used for outdoor advertising information dissemination channels. The difference is that the outdoor LCD advertising player solves the shortcomings of the outdoor LED display that is blurred at close range!

    Outdoor LCD Advertising Player Features and Benefits:

    1. Visible in sunlight, always bright in the visible distance.

    2. Can adapt to all kinds of external environment, waterproof, dustproof, lightning and other all-weather outdoor visible!

    3. The intelligent temperature control system can regulate the internal temperature and humidity of the device so that the device can operate normally under the service life of -40--+60 degrees.

    4. It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, reduce light pollution, and save electricity.

    5. Based on the network 3G, WIFI and other technologies can achieve the remote release and management of broadcast content, self-made programs, real-time playback, rich content.

Outdoor LCD advertising machines and outdoor LED liquid crystal displays support each other and have their own advantages and advantages. Therefore, when you choose a user outside the advertising machine or outdoor LED, mainly from their own needs, as long as the distance The audience can do it, or hope that within the range of visual distance, they all want the advertising content to be highlighted in high definition! In addition, there are many features of LCD splicing that are unmatched by the LED display. For example, the outdoor LCD advertising machine has high-grade appearance, high color reproduction, environmental protection, energy saving, and no harm to the human eye. It is very suitable for the entrance of some high-end office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and luxury goods stores. Can be used to display information, but also can enhance the user's brand image
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