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Features and Selection Techniques of Outdoor Advertising Machines and Indoor Adv

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:56:33
The advertising machine is the fifth largest media following the paper media, radio, television, and the Internet. It has been used by major shopping malls, supermarkets, subway stations, office buildings, and other places due to its features of real-time updates and easy maintenance. They are everywhere. The following Xiao Bian will introduce the features and selection skills of the indoor advertising machine and outdoor advertising machine.


Because the advertisement machine can play advertisement information for a specific group of people in a specific physical place and a specific period of time, the information transmission rate is very high, and therefore it is favored by many users. However, not all users have sufficient advertising machine expertise, so they often encounter problems in their choice.


According to the most basic division, advertising machines can be divided into two categories: indoor advertising machines and outdoor advertising machines. The characteristics of the two are different, so they are different in choice.



From the point of view of the name alone, the two are mainly used in different places. The indoor advertising machines are mainly used in supermarkets, office buildings and other relatively stable indoor environments; and outdoor advertising machines generally need to have waterproof, dustproof, and lightning protection. Anti-corrosion, anti-theft and other characteristics, in order to guarantee stable operation for years. And unlike the indoor environment, it must be able to see clearly under strong outdoor lighting conditions, so its requirements for brightness and durability of display screens are higher.


Indoor advertising and outdoor advertising machine selection techniques:


According to the actual use of the choice: If it is in a relatively stable environment such as temperature and humidity, light, electromagnetic and other objective conditions, you can choose indoor advertising; if you need to withstand the harsh environment of sunlight, wind and rain, high temperature, low temperature, you must Select outdoor advertising machine.


According to the advertisement content to be selected, if you want the advertisement content to be conveyed to the customer in an elevator, supermarket, exhibition hall, conference room or other indoor location, you can choose an indoor advertising machine; if you want the advertisement to be used in a bus station, a large commercial street, In the airport and other environments, you need to choose an outdoor advertising machine.


The above content is about the characteristics of indoor advertising machines and outdoor advertising machines and the selection of skills. I hope to help those in need. If you want to know more about the outdoor advertising machine, please continue to pay attention to us. The site we update regularly.
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