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Outdoor advertising machine safety precautions

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:55:40
Outdoor advertising machines are more popular products for outdoor media advertising. More and more media, businesses, transportation, municipal construction, etc. have begun to install and use outdoor advertising machines to promote policies or brand information, but the use of outdoor advertising machines. In the process, these safety knowledge must be known to you. The following Xiaobian will introduce you to the safety precautions for the use of outdoor advertising machines.


Outdoor advertising safety precautions:


1. Please read the product manual of the outdoor advertising machine carefully before installation to confirm whether the local voltage and manual requirements are the same.


2. The display of the outdoor advertising machine is tested and complies with the IP65 standard. It can be placed outdoors or even in the rain, but it cannot be protected by immersion in liquid.



3. When the outdoor advertising player is exposed to the sun for a long time, the liquid crystal display and the surface of the housing may be very hot and do not touch it.


4. Do not install the monitor near an open flame source. Never use this monitor at an open flame source.


5. To prevent the monitor from being damaged, the LCD monitor must be firmly installed on the floor or on a fixed bracket in accordance with the installation method in the instruction manual.


6, the surface of the outdoor advertising machine can not be covered by other objects, so as not to affect the cooling effect.


7. Before cleaning and maintaining internal components, disconnect the monitor from the power source.


8. Do not apply liquid cleaners or spray cleaners directly to the monitor housing and glass. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.


9. The internal devices and lines of the monitor cannot be arbitrarily changed or disassembled without the guidance of a professional engineer. The resulting damage to the display components does not assume any responsibility.


10. When the monitor is working, it is forbidden to touch the internal electrical components. As a result, the manufacturer does not assume any responsibility.


The above is an introduction to the collection of safety precautions for the use of outdoor advertising machines, hoping to help those in need.
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