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Can an outdoor advertising player be waterproof?

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:54:51
Outdoor advertising machine is an important carrier of current outdoor advertising, is the most popular outdoor advertising equipment, then the security of outdoor advertising function waterproof it? Thunder impact? Estimate is a concern for many people, the following Xiaobian to explain to you about the protection of outdoor advertising machine specific functions.


1, anti-electromagnetic interference:


The uncontrollability of the outdoor environment makes it very important for the outdoor display equipment to prevent electromagnetic interference. We can't change the outdoor environment, but we can use a shielding method for the internal electrical parts of the equipment, that is, effectively prevent the internal devices and cables from being Disturbance of the signal, in turn, can prevent foreign electromagnetic interference on LCD goods.


2, lightning protection, anti-reflection:


In order to complete all-weather outdoor playback performance, the outdoor LCD advertising machine must also have reliable lightning protection and electronic control to provide security guarantees for the equipment during thunderstorms. The outdoor environment clearly shows the interface. Anti-reflection is also an important aspect to be considered. It is necessary to use special coated glass to improve the visual view and resolution of the screen and reduce the screen reflection.

3, waterproof and dustproof:


For outdoor use, waterproof and dustproof are the first to be faced. The degree of protection of the device housing must be waterproof. The general level of waterproof is IPX5, and it can operate normally in heavy rain. Dust reduces product efficiency and accelerates product aging. The important factor is that the outdoor display equipment must have a specially designed dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, and the dust-proof level should reach IP65.


4, riot security:


Outdoor LCD advertising machines are generally used in outdoor public places. The public safety and the safety of the equipment itself are issues that the outdoor appearance must consider. Generally outdoor display equipment will use special tempered laminated glass. Even if the glass breaks, it can only produce similar. Spider-like fine-grained cracks, which are firmly adhered to the middle layer, can prevent personal injury or property damage caused by falling glass. In addition, facing the problem of anti-theft, the screws should be prevented from being exposed, combined with the anti-theft features of the locks and solid structural support, to solve the theft problem.


5, intelligent constant temperature:


When the outdoor advertising machine runs, there will be three primary heat sources: solar radiation, air convection, and internal electronic components. According to the regional temperature difference and the orientation of the device, the LCD advertising player must have a temperature control program. Some air-conditioning cooling, some take forced air-cooled heat dissipation. However, regardless of the cooling scheme, the product generally satisfies the temperature: -30°C to 55°C and humidity: 10% to 90%.


The above is an introduction to the ability to install outdoor advertising in water, hoping to bring help to friends in need.
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