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Outdoor advertising machine manufacturers to explain the influence of advertisin

Release Time:2018-05-30 17:44:28
Today, the development of advertising media is quite mature. It is not easy to want to be unique in attracting people's attention and attract people's attention. Looking at the more successful advertising cases so far, nothing more than two points, either novel or novel. Therefore, "creative" has become the core of the current advertising competition.
The advertising industry that teaches this wisdom has long understood that when the picture must cover relevant information and create some kind of emotional tension, the scene that conveys this idea to the audience can only be planned for a few seconds. It has to work quickly in the face of a selected crowd.
The speed at which things change around us cannot keep up with the speed at which advertising investment has shifted from traditional posters to more varied digital posters.
Digital outdoor has increased the power of posters by increasing creative inspiration. It is more flexible, more in tune with the environment, more stimulating, and more personal. At the same time, these four "More" are challenging self-contained traditional creative processes.
Research tells us that perceivable scenes have a direct impact on people's access to information, and digital outdoor greatly facilitates the use of creative scenes in communication.

When people are shared at a certain moment, the time-triggered copy can talk to the audience and use the weather, day or time as a trigger point to show rich ideas. The data-triggered display brings with it the possibility of adding more relevant information, and the relevant real-time content brought by lottery winners, gambling odds, and search result scenarios has become part of the dissemination.
The digital amplification of traditional outdoor advertising forces requires a close connection between the creative process and the publishing platform, in order to create a perfect picture transmitted with pixels at a perfect moment.
The creative process will no longer be able to add the “outdoor poster” line. It needs to understand the content, location, time and why of the outdoor, because the media itself is part of the information.
Suntory's recent promotion of grape fitness is a successful digital marketing scenario.
Primesight and MediaCom are connected to the radio GTN to synchronize the grape broadcast time with our 48 street screens. When the commuters are on the road, once the grape broadcast advertisements are broadcasted, the digital outdoor screen will seamlessly switch seamlessly to display full-screen grapes ads, creating a multi-sensory, location-based experience for the driver.

Online Advertising Machine Wholesale Factory Explains Influence of Outdoor Advertising Machine

The combination of technology and creativity should not mean that there is no need for wisdom in the past. For the masses passing by posters, complex visual images will still become barriers to communication. Whether it is composed of pixels or ink, the outdoor advertising machine is only completed when there is no more extraneous content to be removed.

      The results show that through the combination of broadcasting and outdoor advertising machines, the target audience reaches 20% to 40% more than the single channel, and most of the people covered by the information are There are also a few people who are eager to consume and have a better understanding of the brand's wishes. The advertising effect is far more than other methods.
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