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Charging pile combination

Product Details
Advertising module:

Size: 60 inches

Working voltage: 220v

Resolution: 1920*1080

Display ratio: 16:9

Display brightness: 1000-2500cd/m?

Working temperature: -25-65 degrees (custom temperature up to 110 degrees)

Waterproof rating: IP55 (IP65)

Dust level: PM2.5

Refrigeration method: air-cooled / air-conditioning

Transparency: 95% and above

Relative humidity: 99%

Working System: Android/Windows

  Charging module:

Output voltage: 380VAC
Output power: 16A-32A (3.5KW-7KW)

Peak-to-peak coefficient: ≦0.2%
Short circuit protection: √
Connection anomaly protection: √
Lightning Protection: Class C Lightning Protection
Fixed way: Floor-standing protection class: IP55
Working temperature: -20°C~650°C
Humidity: 90% non-condensing


Video Play Function The charging station is equipped with a video storage and playback module. The LCD screen can play user-generated video content, and can perform remote maintenance and content update according to the user's needs.

2.1 Measurement Functions

1) The AC charging pile is equipped with a multi-function electric energy meter to measure the output electric energy;

2) The AC charging post has a data interface with the billing device and has an automatic billing function.

3) AC charging piles provide interfaces for implementing on-site verification of energy meters.

2.2 Credit Card Payment Function

The AC charging pile is equipped with an IC card reader to fulfill the charge and credit card transaction in the online or offline state. External communication and monitoring functions AC charging post with wireless communication interface and wired data interface (Ethernet,

GPRS, WIFI, and Bluetooth) have the function of exchanging data with the supervising management system. They can upload operating status parameters of AC charging piles and accept remote control commands to realize remote monitoring of the working status of AC charging piles.

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