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Outdoor Media Advertising Machine (Information Display)

Product Details

Size: 100 inches

Working voltage: 220v

Resolution: 1920*1080

Display ratio: 16:9

Display brightness: 1000-2500cd/m?

Operating temperature: -25-+65 degrees (custom temperature up to 110 degrees)

Waterproof rating: IP55 (IP65)

Dust level: PM2.5

Refrigeration method: air-cooled / air-conditioning

Transparency: 95% and above

Relative humidity: 99%

Working System: Android/Windows



1. Using the multimedia unified information release platform, the Press Group will update and publish all its digital newspaper products. The public can use the terminal's interactive touch posters to self-check.

2. All kinds of news information including news of real-time focus and real-time news are updated and released in the news information section. Citizens can freely select and switch to real-time news and information.

3. Through the newspaper interactive multi-media platform, traffic information such as traffic guides, traffic restrictions, convenient transportation, bus lines, urban transportation, airport flights, and train schedules will be displayed.

4. Using the platform to publish government guidelines, policies, updates, and announcements to open up channels for inquiries and complaints on open government affairs such as national policies, laws and regulations for the general public, so as to effectively promote the transparency, openness, and improvement of government work.

5, docking with third-party systems if necessary, according to the government's requirements for the local public weather warning (such as hot weather, stormy weather, flood conditions, drought, etc.), thereby expanding the scope of early warning.

6. Display local characteristics, provide scenic spots introduction, local specialty introduction, gourmet information, hotel and hotel information, leisure place information, entertainment service information, etc., and provide search and guide services for citizens and tourists.

7. Provide cultural features for community residents, and use the combination of graphic and audio to explain local folk customs, customs, culture, and other information. Use 5.1-channel audio playback to open up selective programs to the public.

8. In a crowded public place or business area, use the platform to broadcast various posters, video films, videos, advertisements, etc. to achieve a win-win situation between the newspaper group and the merchants.
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