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Vertical platform advertising machine

Product Details

Size: 82 inches

Working voltage: 220v

Resolution: 1920*1080

Display brightness: 1000-2500cd/m?

Operating temperature: -25-+65 degrees (custom temperature up to 110 degrees)

Waterproof rating: IP55 (IP65)

Dust level: PM2.5

Refrigeration method: (air-cooled / air-conditioning)

Transparency: (95% and above)

Relative humidity: 99%

Working System: Android/Windows



All day outdoor waterproof and dustproof

l Bus route inquiries

l Bus line guide

l Commercial advertising

l Intelligent monitoring system

l Environmental monitoring

l Vehicle arrival voice prompts

l Lightbox route display

l mobile phone charging

WIFi hotspot sharing


1. Real-time arrival forecast of public transport vehicles.

The display on the stop sign will be used to display the arrival forecast information of the bus, including route forecast, location forecast and time forecast.

2. Instant messaging.

The display can also be used to publish all kinds of public information, such as news briefs, government announcements, weather forecasts, traffic information, financial newsletters, etc.

3. Mobile intelligent monitoring.

The wireless surveillance camera on the stop sign can monitor the status of passenger flow, traffic flow, and public order around the bus station in real time. It is another feature of the intelligent bus stop system.

4. Information collection and display conversion freely.

The bus company can check the position of the vehicle in real-time through the back-end information management center according to the relevant data collected by the system in real time.

5. Multimedia Information Service Platform.

The multimedia bus electronic station card is connected to the backstage through the network of the station card host, and the background can access the Internet in real time. Therefore, the human network interaction function can be realized through the platform, for example, the peripheral business information query with the digital station card as the core point, such as peripherals. Within one kilometer of restaurants, pharmacies, entertainment venues, sports venues and other value-added service information, so that make full use of the advantages of multimedia information publishing system platform to turn smart stop card into a convenience service platform.

The system is mainly composed of three parts: bus operation and management center, multimedia video management platform, and intelligent electronic station card. The intelligent electronic station card includes LCD display, information publishing system terminal host, 3G communication module, etc. It is connected to INTERNET, and information is realized through the Internet. Remote publishing and management capabilities.

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