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Floor Advertising LCD Disp.

Product Details

Size: 70 inches

Working voltage: 220v

Resolution: 1920*1080

Display brightness: 1000-2500cd/m?

Operating temperature: -35 - +65 degrees (custom temperature up to 110 degrees)

Waterproof rating: IP55 (IP65)

Dust level: PM2.5

Refrigeration method: (air-cooled / air-conditioning)

Transparency: (95% and above)

Relative humidity: 99%

Working System: Android/Windows



1. All-weather outdoor visibility
2. Outdoor protection class IP65
3 modular design for easy maintenance
4. High brightness display, visible in sunlight
5. The display brightness can be adjusted automatically
6. Suitable for -40°C -65°C ambient temperature
7. The use of precision air conditioning cooling and heating

8 can remotely monitor the operation of the machine

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