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Shenzhen Yidaheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Yida Heng Technology) was established in 2010 to focus on providing outdoor commercial (special) LCD products and solutions. With a strong research and development technical team and continuous development of new products, Ideastar Technology has established outdoor LCD display equipment as a standard in the industry by virtue of its many years of production experience, providing customers with standard or custom 10-120 inch full range of products.
★ The world's advanced digital production equipment combined with professional production personnel, to create the industry leading product manufacturing strength.
★ We have a large-scale production plant area, a number of production product lines, and another sheet metal production plant, R & D testing plant, physics laboratory, analysis room, product aging workshop, clean room and product demonstration hall.

★ First-class production equipment and test equipment, advanced automatic production equipment and assembly line operation mode.

branded advantages

Complete product line
All-round and multi-field product line planning is suitable for the brand configuration requirements of the entire system, and constantly presents new products with competition.
National Marketing Network
Nationally-planned marketing model, strict regional protection and price protection measures, large and medium-sized cities have core marketing partners, channels and project operations combined with each other's marketing strategy.
Land, sea and air promotion
Adopt overall brand promotion, multi-channel publicity, focus on various forms, and intensively and boldly invest in effective policies to protect the overall interests of all channel providers.
technical and service
In order to ensure the operation of the project, we have established the customer service department, technical support department, project operation department and national large and medium-sized national security service platform.