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Shenzhen Yidaheng Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with the following after-sales services:

Installation, testing and training services

The technical engineer of the company is responsible for the installation and testing of the system, and provides specialized training and guidance for the technical personnel of the customer on site or on-site regarding the operation, maintenance, and precautions of the equipment of the system, and performs the turnkey service to the user.

Lifetime maintenance

After the warranty period, our company provides lifelong maintenance services to provide target customers with a comprehensive customer experience and a variety of service options.

7 x 24-hour hotline service: 0755-33133396

The company has a spare parts library, and a technical service and maintenance center, 7 × 24-hour hotline service, 24 hours a day to the scene to repair and on-site replacement service, after-sales service hotline: 0755-33133396

Quick response

When the customer's system is abnormal, the company will immediately help the customer to solve the problem online or by telephone, and propose a repair plan within half an hour. If on-site maintenance is required, the engineer will use the fastest time after receiving the error message. The transportation arrived at the scene.

Customer return visit

The establishment of a customer return visit system has a dedicated after-sales service engineer, and a regular telephone call every month to check the system usage.

On-site technical support

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the mission, engineers may send on-site technical support in case of major missions.